Student internships

Published: 14/4/2017

To support future, young professionals from the Republic of Croatia and European Union member states in the acquisition of practical knowledge and work experience, the Croatian National Bank is inviting applications for


in 2017, for a maximum duration of 25 working days, for undergraduate or graduate students from the Republic of Croatia and European Union member states, studying in the Republic of Croatia or any of European Union member states.


  • full-time student;
  • as a minimum, a completed second year of study or enrolment in, or currently attending the third, fourth or fifth year of study (undergraduate/graduate, professional/university study programme);
  • minimum grade average in all years of study must be 4.00 (all years of study; i.e. from the first year to the year currently attending);
  • study programme corresponding to the business activities and needs and interests of the Croatian National Bank (depending on the interest expressed by the organisational units: economy, mathematics, physics, law, archive administration, psychology);
  • regulated mandatory health insurance for the duration of the internship.

Necessary documentation

  • completed  "Application Form, Student Internship" (electronic version);
  • referral from the faculty/educational institution for students subject to mandatory internship (or a personal application for students not subject to mandatory internship);
  • a copy from the page in the student's course and grade book showing that the applicant is a full-time student;
  • a certified copy of all grades by study courses, specifying the grade average (in case of undergraduate and graduate studies, both averages have to be specified and in case of foreign students, if the grade range differs from the 1 to 5 range used in Croatia, a document in English must be provided by the relevant faculty, indicating the grade range used and a copy of grades by courses and the grade average achieved.

Selection criteria

  • compatibility of the study programme and year of study with the business needs and interests of the organisational units of the Croatian National Bank;
  • assessment of the applying student's motivation and interest for work in the Croatian National Bank;
  • the subject of the paper the applying student is working on currently or intends to work on (term paper, final undergraduate/graduate thesis, scientific or similar paper).

The students selected for internship placements will have to supply a copy of a valid identity card or a valid passport and students from European Union member states will also have to supply a certificate proving their regulated health insurance status during the internship. 
An agreement will be entered into between the Croatian National Bank and foreign selected students, stipulating mutual rights and obligations, which will be used as a basis for their registration for the purposes of a work permit for foreign nationals. 
The selected students not referred by their faculty/educational institution (since the latter do not require student internship), may commence their internship subject to presentation of a receipt of payment showing that they have settled the cost of mandatory insurance covering accidents at work.
After data processing, and verification of the data given in the application form and the submitted documentation, and at the latest within one month after expiry of the time limit for the submission of applications, short-listed candidates will be invited for a brief interview, after which the final selection of candidates for internship placements will be made. 

Contact person:
RENATA MARINOVIĆ, phone (385 1) 4565 051. The applicants are kindly requested to submit the completed "APPLICATION FORM, STUDENT INTERNSHIP" to and the required documentation, scanned, electronically, or by post, or personally not later than 3 May 2017, to:

Trg hrvatskih velikana 3, 10000 Zagreb
Sektor podrške poslovanju
Direkcija za upravljanje ljudskim resursima
 "Prijava na natječaj za obavljanje studentske stručne prakse"/"Application for Student Internship -2017"