Bojan Fras, Vicegovernor

Published: 20/5/2015

Bojan Fras was born in Zagreb on 4 January 1963. He graduated in 1988 from the Faculty of Law in Zagreb. In 1988 he started working as a legal trainee and in 1992 he became a licensed attorney. In 1995 he was a co-founder of "Žurić i partneri" law firm in Zagreb, where he remained a partner until appointment to the current position. During his career as a practicing lawyer he was engaged in legal counselling and representation in the areas of commercial law, investments, financing and banking as well as in commercial disputes, including international arbitrage. He was the principal Croatian legal advisor on some of the most significant transactions and investment projects in Croatia, including those in telecom, energy and finance. He represented and advised a large number of leading international corporations and institutions and domestic companies and institutions.

He also acted as international legal advisor for bank privatization to a government of a country in the region and advised foreign and domestic banks, financial institutions and companies on their operations In Croatia, derivative transactions, repo operations and other forms of financing. He was also active in legislative work.

He has spoken at conferences, seminars and panels in Croatia and abroad on the legal aspects of investments in Croatia, financial system, privatisation and mergers and acquisitions of Croatian companies, company law, project financing, local government financing and other legal issues.

Pursuant to the decision of the Croatian Parliament, Bojan Fras was appointed Vicegovernor of the Croatian National Bank on 5 July 2013.

Vicegovernor Fras coordinates and manages the operations of the Legal Department and the Office for the Monitoring of Consumer Protection.