Katarina Zrinska "KATARINA ZRINSKA"

The  Croatian National Bank, in association with  Cakovečka banka d.d., within the commemorative coins series entitled "Famous Croatian Women", issued a silver coin dedicated to Katarina Zrinska, a writer, ardent patriot and a martyr, as well as a spiritual initiator of the liberation movement against foreign rule.
Commemorative silver coins were minted as proofs and put on sale on November 25, 1999.

CNB Exchange Rate List

Silver coin


Weight  (g)

Diameter (mm)

Silver coin purity/000

Packed individually (items)

Price in HRK
(VAT not included)

200  HRK






The commemorative silver coin was designed Damir Matausic, a sculptor.
The edition of coin was made by the Croatian Monetary Institute. The Croatian National Bank entrusted its promotion and sale to Cakovecka banka, so for orders please contact:

Katarine Zrinske 1
40 300  Cakovec


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