CNB hosts workshop for central banks' lawyers

Published: 11/7/2016

The Croatian National Bank opened today a five-day workshop "Legal Aspects of Governance and Asset Management", organised by the World Bank in cooperation with the Croatian central bank and intended for lawyers working in central banks and international organisations on legal aspects of international reserves and asset management. The workshop has gathered 37 professionals working in this field, of whom 33 are representatives of 21 central banks from several continents and 4 are representatives of international organisations. The workshop is a part of the World Bank RAMP programme Reserves Advisory and Management Program intended for central banks and international organisations in the context of which bi-annual workshops for lawyers are organised in the World Bank headquarters or in one of the countries participating in the programme.

The workshop covers a range of topics of significance for the central banks, such as legal aspects of sovereign and central bank immunity in their portfolio management and custody services in individual legislations, the legal aspects of third party portfolio management and investment management, and the legal aspects and elements of futures and OTC derivatives trading. The lecturers are World Bank experts and the workshop, in addition to being aimed at acquisition of new knowledge, also provides the opportunity for useful exchange of information.