Published: 1/2/2015
Fees are charged by credit institutions for services offered.

Fees may be one-off fees or multiple fees, fixed or variable and they are shown in monetary units or in a percentage in relation to the amount that is the subject of the transaction. Where the fee is expressed in percentages, the maximum and minimum monetary amounts charged for a specific type of service are usually listed. Fee types and levels for all services offered by a credit institution are published and made publicly available to all interested parties and typically the information on fee types and levels may be found under Fees tariff.

IMPORTANT: There are differences in the types and amounts of fees charged by credit institutions and it is therefore important to pay attention to all types and amounts of fees associated with a specific service you are interested in. Special attention should be paid to variable multiple fees charged over the time of the contractual relationship and one should take care to inquire in advance what fee variability is contingent upon.