Information list

Published: 14/9/2017
The CNB publishes information on the current offer of kuna loans as well as the offer of kuna-denominated loans with a currency clause in euro intended for consumers.

Based on the data gathered from credit institutions, the CNB publishes the Information list with the offer of loans to consumers, comprising basic information needed by consumers when deciding on which loan to choose. For each credit institution, the list includes information on the types of kuna loans and kuna-denominated loans with a currency clause in euro, the maximum amount that may be granted and the maximum possible repayment period for the type of loan in question, information on the amount of effective interest rate for the specified maximum loan amount, the reference parameter of interest rate variability (where the offer includes variable or combined interest rates) and the amount of the fixed margin as well as information related to the early loan repayment fee irrespective of loan type. 

In addition to the basic information on the current offer of loans of all credit institutions in the Republic of Croatia, a credit institution is obliged to provide consumers with the Information list of loans in the domestic currency if it only offers loans denominated in foreign currency for a specific type of loan. In case a credit institution does not grant loans with a fixed interest rate, whether denominated in kuna or in kuna with a currency clause in euro, it is obliged to provide the consumer with the Information list of the Croatian National Bank, depending on the loan currency.