Vedran Šošić, MSc, Vicegovernor

Published: 20/5/2015

Vedran Šošić was born in Osijek on 5 June 1974. He received his BSc degree from the Zagreb Faculty of Economics in 1997. In 2012 he received his Master's degree in Economics of International Trade. In the same year he got employed with the Croatian National Bank, Research Department, first as a trainee, then as a staff associate, a senior staff associate and head of the Real Sector and Budget Analysis Division. In 2006, he moved from his position as senior advisor at the Research Department to the Mission of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union in Brussels, to work as a second secretary responsible for economic and monetary issues, free movement of capital and financial services. From 2008 to his appointment as Vicegovernor, he was at the head of the CNB Financial Stability Department. Vedran Šošić is the author of numerous scholarly papers.  

Pursuant to the decision of the Croatian Parliament, Mr Šošić assumed office as Vicegovernor of the Croatian National Bank on 17 July 2012.

Vicegovernor Šošić coordinates the Research Area and the Statistics Area.