Published: 1/2/2015

Summary of business activities according to organisational units

The Office of the Governor is responsible for providing support to the Bank's management.

The Internal Audit Office supports the Bank in achieving its objectives, introducing a systematic approach to the assessment and improvement of the Bank's efficiency in risk management.

The Security Office manages the Bank's security system and defines the methods and techniques to improve the Bank's security system.

The Legal Office provides legal assistance in legal issues to the Bank's management and other organisational units.

The Consumer Protection Monitoring Office protects the rights of consumers using the financial and banking services of credit institutions or credit unions within its competence under law.

The Communications Area informs the public about the work of the Croatian National Bank and prepares and co-ordinates the Bank's communications activities.

The Research Area monitors and analyses domestic and international economic and financial developments with the aim of establishing an analytical foundation for the implementation of the CNB's monetary and macroprudential policy and providing timely, high-quality information to the public.

The Statistics Area gathers and processes statistical and administrative data from the reporting units and other institutions and uses this data to compile and publish information on particular statistical indicators as well as entire statistical reports from the area of official statistics in the Republic of Croatia in the part falling under the competence of the Croatian National Bank, in line with the applicable international statistical standards and EU regulations.

The Central Banking Operations Area implements the monetary policy and manages the international reserves and foreign exchange liquidity.

The Prudential Regulation and Supervision Area is responsible for the supervision over the business of credit institutions and credit unions. It also proposes, drafts and issues opinions on the implementation of prudential regulations, drafts the methodology for the exercise of supervision and performs the licensing of credit institutions and credit unions.

The Payment Operations Area performs tasks enabling the successful and safe functioning of payment operations in the country, thus ensuring the safe and efficient use of money as means of payment as well as the performance of non-cash payment transactions, i.e. the transfer of funds from the payer to the payee.

The International Relations and Resolvability Assessment Area is responsible for European cooperation, cooperation with international financial institutions and the assessment of resolvability of credit institutions.

The Controlling and Accounting Area implements a management-oriented controlling concept and compiles the CNB's financial statements in line with legal regulations in order to provide support to business decision-making and management and to other end users.

The Information Technology Area is responsible for application system development and operational tasks.

The Support Services Area is responsible for human resources management, technical services, general services and procurement.

Organisational sheme

  Telephone Fax
Boris Vujčić, PhD +385 14564-781 +385 14550-598
Deputy Governor:
  Telephone Fax
Relja Martić +385 14564-561 +385 14564-733
  Telephone Fax
mr. sc. Vedran Šošić +385 14564-600 +385 14565-036
  Telephone Fax
Damir Odak +385 14564-601 +385 14564-699
  Telephone Fax
Tomislav Presečan, MSc +385 14590-316 +385 14564-975
  Telephone Fax
Neven Barbaroša +385 14564-664 +385 14564-733
  Telephone Fax
Michael Faulend, PhD +385 14564-865 +385 14564-737
  Telephone Fax
Bojan Fras +385 14564-893 +385 14564-737
Central Banking Operations Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Irena Kovačec, MSc +385 14564-663 +385 14564-783
Monetary Operations Department
Director: Gordan Prugovečki +385 14564-665 +385 14564-783
Liquidity Forecasts Division
Open Market Operations Division
Transactions Processing Division
International Reserves and Foreign Exchange Liquidity Department
Director: Dražen Mikulčić, MSc +385 14565-090 +385 14565-095
Foreign Exchange Trading and Investment Division (front office)
Foreign Exchange Settlement Division (back office)
Investment Research and Performance Evaluation Division (middle office)
Market Strategy Division
Research Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Ljubinko Jankov, MSc +385 14564-890 +385 14564-784
Economic Analysis Department
Director: Gordi Sušić +385 14564-890 +385 14564-784
Monetary Analysis Division
Balance of Payments and Exchange Rate Projection and Analysis Division
Real Sector and Budget Analysis Division
Modelling Department
Director: Davor Kunovac +385 14590-371 +385 14564-784
Financial Stability Department
Director: Maja Bukovšak +385 14564-761 +385 14590-396
Statistics Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Tomislav Galac +385 14564-738 +385 14550-854
Monetary and Financial Statistics Department
Director: Lidija Hećimović, MSc +385 14564-860 +385 14550-854
Monetary Financial Institutions Statistics Division
Financial Accounts and Fiscal Statistics Division
Securities and Non-Monetary Financial Institutions Statistics Division
General Economic and External Statistics Department
Director: Alen Škudar, MSc +385 14564-867 +385 14550-854
Balance of Payments Statistics Division
External Debt and International Investment Position Statistics Division
General Economic Statistics and Statistical Information Systems Division
Prudential Regulation and Supervision Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Željko Jakuš +385 14564-941 +385 14564-911
Prudential Regulation Department
Director: Sanja Petrinić Turković, MSc +385 14564-979 +385 14564-911
Regulation Division
Division for Supervision of Advanced Approaches
Reporting and Analysis Department
Director: Vedran Bartol +385 14565-069 +385 14565-053
Prudential Reporting Division
Prudential System Analysis Division
Information Systems Supervision Department
Director: Damir Blažeković +385 14564 582 +385 14565 052
Supervision Department I
Director: Renata Samodol +385 14564 902 +385 14565 053
Supervision Department II
Director: Tomislav Jelinić +385 14565 017 +385 14565 052
Supervision Department III
Director: Mario Varjačić +385 14564-931 +385 14565-052
Office of the Governor
  Telephone Fax
Head: Nina Srkalović +385 14564-553 +385 14550-598
Internal Audit Office
  Telephone Fax
Head: Boris Bušac, MSc +385 14564-595 +385 14565-052
Security Office
  Telephone Fax
Head: Zoran Bogdanović +385 14590-376 +385 14564-778
Legal Office
  Telephone Fax
Head: Dražen Odorčić +385 14564-859 +385 14564-874
Consumer Protection Monitoring Office
  Telephone Fax
Head: Snježana Levar +385 14564-922 +385 14590-332
Payment Operations Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Ivan Biluš +385 14564-627 +385 14564-971
Payment Operations Regulation and Development Department
Director: Mario Maravić +385 14564-596 +385 14564-971
Payment Operations Supervision Department
Director: Tomislav Mišić +385 14564-924 +385 14564-971
Payment Systems Operations Department
Director: Marijo Pastuović +385 14565-038 +385 14564-971
Payment Systems Division
Client Operations Division
Currency Department
Director: Tihomir Mavriček +385 14564-612 +385 14610-549
Currency Policies Division
Currency Safekeeping, Processing and Distribution Division
Counterfeiting Prevention and Currency Analysis Division
International Relations and Resolvability Assessment Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Sanja Tomičić +385 14565-035 +385 14564-768
European Relations Department
Director: Davor Lončarek, MSc +385 14564-853 +385 14564-768
ESCB and ESRB Division
EU Policies Division
International Financial Institutions Department
Director: Maja Landsman +385 14564-551 +385 14564-768
International Financial Institutions Policies Division
Division for Financial Relations with International Financial Institutions
Credit Institutions Resolvability Assessment Department
Director: Lidija Pranjić +385 14565-021  
Controlling and Accounting Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Diana Jakelić, PhD +385 14564-808 +385 14550-594
Controlling Department
Director: mr. sc. Irena Topić +385 14590-335 +385 14550-594
Accounting Department
Director: mr. sc. Mario Varović +385 14564-671 +385 14550-594
Central Accounting Division
Domestic Currency Analytical Bookkeeping Division
Foreign Exchange Analytical Bookkeeping Division
Internal Accounting Operations Division
Finance and Administrative Accounting Division
Support Services Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Boris Zaninović +385 14564-943 +385 14564-990
Human Resources Department
Director: Željka Majher +385 14565-016 +385 14565-022
Technical Services Department
Director: Roman Kos +385 14564-886 +385 14565-049
Technical Support Services Division
Maintenance Division
General Services Department
Director: Nataša Radovčić +385 14564-672 +385 14596-319
General Support Services Division
Mail Services Division
Supply and Property Division
Procurement Department
Director: Vjekoslav Kozina +385 14590-389 +385 14564-700
Communications Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Alemka Lisinski +385 14596-312 +385 14564-737
Public Relations Department
Director: Dejana Rebernik, MSc +385 14564-576 +385 14590-314
Publishing Department
Director: Romana Sinković, MSc +385 14565-006 +385 14564-687
Publishing Division
Translating and Language-Editing Division
Library and Documentation Centre
Information Technology Area
  Telephone Fax
Executive Director: Mario Žgela, PhD +385 14564-767 +385 14565-073
Application Systems Development Department
Director: Ivana Pavačić Bekić, MSc +385 14564-789 +385 14564-778
Design Division
Programming Division
Quality Assurance Division
IT Operations Department
Director: Davor Đeker +385 14564-752 +385 14564-778
System and Database Administration Division
User Support Division
Information System Security and Protection Division