Summary of business activities according to organisational units

The Office of the Governor is responsible for providing support to the Bank's management.

The Internal Audit Office supports the Bank in achieving its objectives, introducing a systematic approach to the assessment and improvement of the Bank's efficiency in risk management.

The Security Office manages the Bank's security system and defines the methods and techniques to improve the Bank's security system.

The Legal Office provides legal assistance in legal issues to the Bank's management and other organisational units.

The Consumer Protection Monitoring Office protects the rights of consumers using the financial and banking services of credit institutions or credit unions within its competence under law.

Credit Institutions Resolvability Assessment Office in accordance with its legal powers, assesses the feasibility and credibility of resolution of credit institutions that experience financial difficulties.

Foreign Exchange Regulation Office implements the foreign exchange policy and authorises foreign exchange offices.

Succession Issues Coordination Office participates in the distribution of assets and liabilities of the former SFRY in accordance with Annex C of the Agreement on Succession Issues.

The Communications Area informs the public about the work of the Croatian National Bank and prepares and co-ordinates the Bank's communications activities.

The Research Area monitors and analyses domestic and international economic and financial developments with the aim of establishing an analytical foundation for the implementation of the CNB's monetary and macroprudential policy and providing timely, high-quality information to the public.

The Statistics Area gathers and processes statistical and administrative data from the reporting units and other institutions and uses this data to compile and publish information on particular statistical indicators as well as entire statistical reports from the area of official statistics in the Republic of Croatia in the part falling under the competence of the Croatian National Bank, in line with the applicable international statistical standards and EU regulations.

The Central Banking Operations Area implements the monetary policy and manages the international reserves and foreign exchange liquidity.

The Prudential Regulation and Supervision Area is responsible for the supervision over the business of credit institutions and credit unions. It also proposes, drafts and issues opinions on the implementation of prudential regulations, drafts the methodology for the exercise of supervision and performs the licensing of credit institutions and credit unions.

The Payment Operations Area performs tasks enabling the successful and safe functioning of payment operations in the country, thus ensuring the safe and efficient use of money as means of payment as well as the performance of non-cash payment transactions, i.e. the transfer of funds from the payer to the payee.

The International Relations is responsible for European cooperation and cooperation with international financial institutions.

The Controlling and Accounting Area implements a management-oriented controlling concept and compiles the CNB's financial statements in line with legal regulations in order to provide support to business decision-making and management and to other end users.

The Information Technology Area is responsible for application system development and operational tasks.

The Support Services Area is responsible for human resources management, technical services, general services and procurement.