In accordance with Article 24 of the Act on the Croatian National Bank, the Croatian National Bank is the holder of all proprietary rights and copyrights on kuna banknotes and kuna and lipa coins in circulation. The reproduction of kuna banknotes and kuna and lipa coins in circulation is subject to prior approval of the Croatian National Bank.

The Croatian National Bank authorises the reproduction of the banknotes it issues only where the banknote or its reproduction is not of central importance, and for photographs, drawings, pictures, films and, in general, for any work which does not contain an enlarged version of the banknote design, if the length and width of the reproduction has been increased by over 125% or decreased by less than 75%, notwithstanding the material used for the reproduction.

The Croatian National Bank must authorise any other manner of reproduction and it may revoke such authorisation in case of the infringement of inalienable moral rights of the author of the banknote design.