Conditions for the redemption of banknotes and coins from abroad

The Croatian National Bank redeems only valid kuna banknotes and kuna and lipa coins of appropriate quality which are not damaged. Banknotes and coins of appropriate quality are those that may be handled by processing and authentication machines with no need for additional analyses.

Damaged banknotes and coins as well as invalid banknotes are submitted for exchange to the Croatian National Bank under the special conditions laid down in the Decision on handling kuna banknotes and kuna and lipa coins unfit for circulation.

Redemption of banknotes and coins from abroad

When sending valid banknotes or coins to be redeemed, the sender must do the following:

  • notify the Croatian National Bank of the intended delivery using the following e-mail address:;
  • state in the notification the name and head office of the company, the core business activity, the way of coming into possession of the banknotes or coins and the instructions for the payment of their redemption value;
  • specify the banknotes or coins by the number of items, denomination and total value;
  • enclose a statement confirming that the banknotes or coins have the required quality and that they have not been exposed to hazardous substances that may pose a health risk to CNB employees when they come into contact with the delivered package;
  • provide information on the delivery method (specialised transport companies, personal delivery, etc.).

The Croatian National Bank will analyse the notification and, if all the conditions are fulfilled, confirm that it will accept the delivery, indicating the possible date of delivery. Before the delivery is sent/received, the Croatian National Bank will communicate in writing the following information to the sender:

  • the delivery processing fee amounting to 3% of the total value of the delivery;
  • the redemption value for the delivery in the required currency, less the processing fee, calculated at the exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank applicable on the date the processing of the delivery is completed.

The sender complying with the conditions of the Croatian National Bank is required to confirm in writing the acceptance of the conditions and the intent to make delivery.

Processing deadline

The Croatian National Bank will process the delivery at the latest within a fortnight following its receipt and it will inform the sender in writing of the results of the processing and of the payment of the redemption value.

Should it be ascertained in the processing of the delivered banknotes or coins that their quality fails to met the required standards, the sender will be charged a fee in the amount of an additional 10% of the total value of the delivery received. The Croatian National Bank will compile a written report, accompanied by photographs, on the processing of the banknotes and coins in question and send it to the sender.


Should a package be sent to the Croatian National Bank with no prior notification or with no approval from the Croatian National Bank, it will not be received, but returned.