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CNB holds foreign exchange intervention

Date 16/3/2020

CNB conducted a regular and a structural operation today

Date 16/3/2020

Croatian National Bank purchases securities of the Republic of Croatia

Date 13/3/2020

CNB Council: Croatian National Bank announces a structural operation and starts purchasing Republic of Croatia bonds

Date 13/3/2020

CNB ensures continuity of key functions in addition to prevention of coronavirus disease spreading

Date 12/3/2020

CNB Council: Real GDP growth slows down in Q4 2019

Date 12/2/2020

CNB issues a new 25 kuna coin “Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2020”

Date 15/1/2020

The Croatian National Bank to take over the calculation and publication of the national reference rate (NRR)

Date 13/1/2020

Obavijest o početku primjene nove EU regulative o jednakosti naknada za plaćanja u eurima i kunama

Date 3/1/2020

CNB Council: CNB Council adopts the Financial Plan of the CNB for 2020

Date 30/12/2019

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