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CNB purchases RC securities in a nominal value of HRK 9.529bn

Date 28/4/2020

Croatian National Bank has agreed upon establishing a swap line with the ECB

Date 15/4/2020

CNB Council: Amid pandemic crisis, the Croatian National Bank takes measures to maintain financial system liquidity and stability

Date 8/4/2020

CNB's recommendation on contactless payment in the amount of HRK 250 without PIN applies from 6 April

Date 3/4/2020

CNB holds foreign exchange intervention

Date 31/3/2020

CNB recommends raising the contactless payment transaction limit without PIN authentication from HRK 100 to HRK 250

Date 25/3/2020

CNB recommends a temporary waiver of cash withdrawal fees at ATMs outside a bank's own ATM network

Date 23/3/2020

CNB Council: Reserve requirement rate reduced from 12% to 9%

Date 23/3/2020

CNB adjusts regulatory framework for liquidity maintenance of the economy and households during coronavirus pandemic crisis

Date 20/3/2020

CNB purchases RC securities at a nominal value of HRK 4.075bn

Date 18/3/2020

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