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CNB Council:
Very high liquidity of the banking system calls for caution

Date 7/6/2000

Governor Škreb and Deputy Governor Rogić at the Seventieth Annual General Meeting of the BIS

Date 2/6/2000

Central bank issues new commemorative kuna gold coin

Date 26/5/2000

Deputy Governor Rogić at the Bicentennial Celebration of the Banque de France

Date 26/5/2000

IMF Mission on visit to Croatia

Date 25/5/2000

Governor Škreb at the EBRD Annual Meeting

Date 19/5/2000

CNB Council:
Trends of gradual revival of economic activity finally evident

Date 10/5/2000

CNB Council:
Members of the CNB Council place their mandates at the disposal of the Croatian Parliament

Date 26/4/2000

CNB Council:
Central bank recalls temporary administrator of Istarska banka

Date 7/4/2000

CNB Council:
Central bank reduces the required reserve ratio from 30.5 to 28.5 percent

Date 5/4/2000

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