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An IMF delegation visiting Croatia

Date 26/3/2009

Delegation of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina visits the CNB

Date 12/3/2009

CNB Council
HRK 1.34bn of CNB profit distributed to the government budget

Date 11/3/2009

CNB facilitates the use of freed-up foreign exchange funds by banks

Date 20/2/2009

CNB defends kuna's stability

Date 18/2/2009

CNB Council
EUR 840 million put at banks' disposal

Date 4/2/2009

CNB sells EUR 328.3m

Date 23/1/2009

CNB Council
CNB amends Decision on reserve requirements

Date 2/1/2009

CNB Council
Heruc d.d. acquires interest in Nava banka

Date 23/12/2008

CNB Council
CNB Council adopts monetary projection

Date 17/12/2008

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