On numismatics

Published: 21/4/2017
The Croatian National Bank has produced and released for sale collectors' sets of banknotes and coins and commemorative issues of gold and silver coins.

Croatian dinar and kuna banknotes making up the sets have never been in circulation and are in perfect condition. All the banknotes in a set have the same serial letters and numbers.

Numismatic sets of circulation coins are issued every year. The coins from the set are identical in appearance to the coins released into circulation in the same year. The coins in numismatic sets are in brilliant uncirculated condition.

Commemorative gold and silver coins, gold ducats and souvenir coins are produced and released for sale on special jubilee occasions to mark historical, scientific and cultural events bearing relevance for the Republic of Croatia and/or the world.

In case you are interested in purchasing any of the listed banknote sets or commemorative coin issues, you can examine all issues in detail and receive any additional information you may need at the sales outlets of the Croatian National Bank and the Croatian Monetary Institute, where you can make your purchase as well.