Information on the banking system

Published: 16/10/2017 Modified: 30/12/2020
In efforts to inform the public about the situation in the banking system of the Republic of Croatia, the CNB regularly publishes data and publications.

In addition to the information the CNB is required to publish within Supervisory disclosure, other information on the banking system is also available to the public.

The CNB publishes, on a quarterly basis, within Indicators of credit institution operations, key operation indicators by individual credit institution (SV1) and on an aggregate basis (SV2), loan quality and geographic distribution (SV3 and SV4), sold claims (SV5), selected statement of profit or loss items (SV6) and own funds and risk exposure (SV7). In addition, the CNB publishes financial statements by individual credit institution (SV8) as at the end of the first half of the year and at the end of the year.

In addition, a summary analysis of the situation and developments in the banking system is available in the Annual Report and the Semi-annual Information.

Data on the previous periods are also made available to the public in the Banks Bulletin and in the archived Indicators of credit institutions operations.