Vision and mission

Published: 1/1/2023


The Croatian National Bank is a national central bank that is part of the Eurosystem. Its main objective is to maintain price and financial stability. It is socially responsible in all its actions and oriented towards sustainable development.


The Croatian National Bank is the central bank of the Republic of Croatia and its primary objective is to achieve and maintain price stability. Without prejudice to the achievement of its primary objective, it supports the economic policy of the Republic of Croatia and the general economic policies in the European Union in accordance with the principle of an open market economy with free competition.

As part of the Eurosystem, the Croatian National Bank participates in the formulation and implementation of the common monetary policy in the euro area. It contributes to the safety and soundness of the banking system and the stability of the financial system as a whole by implementing monetary and foreign exchange policies, issuing banknotes and coins, exercising supervision and oversight, keeping credit institutions’ accounts and executing payment transactions across these accounts, and regulating and improving the payment system.

In the performance of their tasks, the employees of the Croatian National Bank are guided by core common values, which include a high level of integrity and competence, safety, independence, credibility, transparency, accountability, efficiency and unity.