Information for consumers

Published: 1/2/2015 Modified: 30/1/2016
By undertaking activities in the area of consumer protection, the Croatian National Bank strives to contribute to the creation of a foundation for long-term investments of financial assets, aiming to preserve and strengthen the trust in the financial system.

By conducting its consumer protection policy, the Croatian National Bank strives to contribute to the development of standards and good practice in the provision of banking and financial services to consumers. In this sense, the Bank continuously monitors market activities and exercises supervision over the application of fundamental laws governing the business of service providers as well as other laws and subordinate legislation from the area of consumer protection within the Bank's competence. Information provided by consumers in the form of received notifications of consumer complaints and objections significantly helps the Bank to gain a more revealing insight into service provider practice. Furthermore, special focus is placed on the transparency of service providers' business and the clarity and comprehensibility of information intended for consumers. As a corresponding level of financial literacy is needed to understand provided information, the Croatian National Bank is increasingly devoting attention to suitable forms of financial education with a view to support consumers in achieving a better understanding of banking and financial services and increasing their awareness of potential risks.