Commemorative euro coins

Published: 1/1/2023 Modified: 15/9/2023

There are two types of commemorative euro coins:

  • commemorative euro coins issued to celebrate subjects of major national relevance
  • commemorative euro coins issued to celebrate subjects of major European relevance.

Commemorative coins may only have a face value of 2 euro. Technical specifications, the common side and the edge lettering on commemorative euro coins are the same as on the regular €2 denomination coins. What makes them different is their motif design on the national side specific for the issuing Member State. Each euro area Member State may issue two €2 commemorative coins per year.

Commemorative euro coins jointly issued by all euro area Member States have a common design on the national side. The design only differs in the segment of the name of the issuing Member State, which is different for each country and in the language variant of the text if it is implemented in the design.

Commemorative euro coins are legal tender throughout the euro area as regular euro coins. The obligatory elements of the design of the national side of commemorative euro coins include the twelve stars symbolising the EU flag on the outer part (the ring) of the coin and the year of issuance.

Republic of Croatia, Member of the Euro Area

The Croatian National Bank released on 15 September 2023 into circulation the first commemorative 2-euro coin to commemorate the introduction of the euro as the monetary unit of Croatia on 1 January 2023.


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