Basic account

Published: 2/12/2020 Modified: 1/1/2023
A basic account is a payment account in euro, which comprises standard services and is accessible to all consumers legally resident in any of the countries of the European Union.

An account with basic features is a payment account in euro, which enables the performance of the following services:

  1. the opening, operating and closing of a payment account;
  2. funds to be placed in a payment account;
  3. cash withdrawals;
  4. execution of the following payment transactions:
    • direct debits;
    • payment transactions through a payment card, including online payments; and
    • credit transfers, including standing orders, at terminals and counters and via the online banking systems.

An overdraft facility on the basic account is not permitted.

Consumers legally resident in the EU, including consumers who are not granted a residence permit but whose expulsion is impossible for legal or factual reasons have the right to open and use a basic account.

In the Republic of Croatia, all banks whose total assets according to the audited annual financial statements for the preceding year exceed EUR 1,990,842,126.22 shall offer a basic account to consumers.

In order for consumers belonging to a vulnerable group to be financially included, banks charge more favourable monthly fees to the beneficiaries of the following rights:

  1. guaranteed minimum allowance;
  2. personal allowance for an accommodation beneficiary;
  3. regular higher education allowance;
  4. personal disability allowance;
  5. assistance and care supplement; and
  6. jobseeker's allowance.