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Published: 31/1/2015 Modified: 30/1/2016
The Croatian National Bank devotes special attention to providing the fullest and most complete information possible to the domestic and international public on its goals, measures to attain them and the results of its activities. Through various information channels, the CNB provides regular and up-to-date information to the public on all important aspects of its actions.

A large number of citizens, enterprises, media representatives, government institutions, embassies and other entities make inquiries for information and data with the Croatian National Bank. Many secondary school pupils, students and domestic and foreign researchers inquire about professional literature. The information required concerns all CNB's areas of operation and it is available to all interested citizens and firms, with the exception of the information required to be kept as a business secret by the CNB pursuant to the Act on the Croatian National Bank, the Credit Institutions Act, the Official Statistics Act and other acts.

The Croatian National Bank consistently applies the provisions of the Law on the Right of Access to Information. In addition to direct provision of information, the information requested is provided by enabling the applicants to examine the relevant documents or by providing them with the copies of the documents containing the information requested, as well as in other ways, for example by referring the applicants to the source of the information.

The CNB commits effort to process information access requests in the shortest possible period, within the legally prescribed deadlines. The CNB collects no charges on the provision and submission of the information requested.

Following the adoption of especially important decisions on monetary policy and other central bank tasks, the CNB organises press conferences with journalists covering the finance and banking sector so as to provide them with detailed information on the changes made, enabling them to report them to the public as fully and clearly as possible.

The Croatian National bank has appointed an information officer and posted an informative website announcement on the officer's method of work.