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CNB Council proposes rehabilitation of Dubrovačka banka

Date 3/4/1998

CNB Council increases Lombard rate

Date 1/4/1998

CNB to grant bridging loans to Dubrovačka banka

Date 18/3/1998

Governor of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina visits CNB

Date 16/3/1998

No need for changes in monetary policy

Date 4/3/1998

Introduction of VAT has not disturbed the liquidity

Date 4/2/1998

First phase of BOP statistics revision completed

Date 19/1/1998

No operating licenses to be granted to banks until a new banking law adopted

Date 3/12/1997

It's time to start preparing the new banking law and the new central bank law

Date 5/11/1997

Monetary policy to retain its neutral stance

Date 1/10/1997

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