Press releases

CNB Council:
New monetary policy measures

Date 16/5/2001

CNB Council:
Meeting of the Council of the Croatian National Bank: corporate loans and household credit lines increase

Date 9/5/2001

Representatives of the European Central Bank on visit in the Croatian National Bank

Date 26/4/2001

Initialled text of Agreement on the Distribution of the Former SFRY's Assets Held at the Bank for International Settlements

Date 10/4/2001

CNB Council:
Current account deficit lower than expected

Date 4/4/2001

From April 1, 10 kuna banknote dated October 31, 1993 no longer used as legal tender money

Date 27/3/2001

Joint Press Release by the Government of the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Finance and Croatian National Bank:
IMF approves a new Stand-by Arrangement

Date 19/3/2001

CNB Council:
Lower interest rates on Lombard credit and reserve requirement

Date 7/3/2001

CNB Council:
Lower interest rates on bank lending

Date 7/2/2001

Successful start of the National Clearing System

Date 6/2/2001

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