10 kuna banknotes, issue March 7 2001, in circulation on June 18, 2001

Published: 12/6/2001

The Croatian National Bank has decided to put 10 kuna banknotes, issue March 7, 2001, into circulation on June 18, 2001. The previous (January 15, 1995) issue of 10 kuna banknotes shall continue to be in circulation as the official legal tender.

The new 10 kuna banknotes, issue March 7, 2001, have the same basic colours and the same basic design as the 10 kuna banknotes currently in circulation except for the change in the name of the central bank from "Narodna banka Hrvatske" into "Hrvatska narodna banka". Also, the new 10 kuna banknote is the first kuna banknote not bearing the facsimile of the signature of the CNB governor at the time of the introduction of the kuna - Dr. Pero Jurkovic, but the facsimile of the signature of the current CNB governor Dr.Zeljko Rohatinski.

The latest technological achievements in paper quality and banknote printing have been applied and considerably more stable colours used in the making of the new issue of banknote to provide enhanced wear and tear and significantly longer life time of the banknote.

The banknote's state-of-the-art security features provide enhanced security, enable easy recognition for the public and monetary institutions of counterfeit banknotes, and prevent quality counterfeiting. An improved, wider security thread with machine-readable magnetic features has been built-in into the banknote paper. The thread's rainbow fluorescence under UV light is a new security feature. Advanced technology in banknote printing enables enhanced tactility of the inscription, nominal value and sign for the blind. In the printing of the new issue of 10 kuna banknotes optically variable ink has been used and additional, special, anti-copier features built into the banknote paper. Machine-readable security features at cash handling and ATM level have been built into the banknote paper, thus providing the highest degree of security.