25 kuna - EURO

Published: 27/12/1999

Released into circulation: 29 December 1999

Metal composition: the core of the coin is made of an alloy consisting of 92% copper, 6% aluminium and 2% nickel, while the ring is made of an alloy exhibiting a silver lustre, which consists of 75% copper and 25% nickel.

Diameter and weight: the coin is shaped as a regular dodecagon, with the circumscribed circle diameter of 32 mm, and weighs 12.75g. The core of the coin is 18mm in diameter and weighs 4.05g. The ring is 18mm in inner diameter and weighs 8.70 g.

Motif on the obverse: the central part of the coin is shaped as the letter "E", the initial of the name of the new monetary unit, the euro. Twelve differently stylized stars, symbolizing the European Monetary Union members, are scattered across the image of the letter. The minting year, "1999", is placed between the bottom edge of the letter and the bottom edge of the dodecagon.

Motif on the reverse: the central part of the coin core features the denomination numeral "25". The outlines of the number "25" reveal an image of a marten turned to the right, with the marten's body integrated with the denomination numeral. Positioned centrally at the lower part of the coin ring is the coat of arms of the Republic of Croatia, bordered at the left by a blooming laurel branch and at the right by a common oak branch with acorns. The upper part of the ring bears the inscription "REPUBLIKA HRVATSKA".

Occasion commemorated: the introduction of the new monetary unit, the euro, in eleven European Union Member States

Items issued: 300,000