Beginning of the 18th Dubrovnik Economic Conference

Published: 28/6/2012

Organised by the Croatian National Bank, several tens of foreign and domestic scientists and economic and monetary policy makers are considering the causes and consequences of the ongoing global and European crisis.
A discussion on global imbalances and the impact of cultural differences among the EU countries on eurozone imbalances, followed by a consideration of present fiscal policies and adjustments, marked the beginning of the 18th international economic conference in Dubrovnik organised by the Croatian National Bank.
As usual, the Conference has gathered representatives of the most relevant international financial institutions (World Bank, International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank, European Investment Bank, Bank for International Settlements, European Commission), several central and commercial banks and numerous scientists from distinguished American, European and Croatian universities.
In the course of this afternoon and tomorrow, special attention will be given to current banking crises, how institutions and regulations may provide incentives for economic growth, and to the effect of the unofficial yet extremely high euroisation or dollarisation on the limits of monetary policy in emerging market economies. Separate thematic discussions will focus on the ongoing eurozone crisis and risks that current European problems may pose to the Central and Eastern European countries.