CNB's response to COVID-19 crisis

Published: 14/4/2020

The Croatian National Bank has taken a set of measures aimed at mitigating the economic consequences caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Monetary policy measures

Since the beginning of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the CNB has implemented a package of monetary policy measures to maintain favourable financing conditions for entrepreneurs and households. The Croatian National Bank has maintained the stability of the exchange rate by foreign exchange interventions.

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Supervisory measures

The CNB has adjusted its approach to supervision of credit institutions in order for banks to facilitate the ensuring of liquidity and thus supporting the maintenance of economic activity and safeguarding jobs.

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Payment operations and transactions with bank clients

In the area of payment operations and transactions with bank clients, the Croatian National Bank has issued a set of recommendations aimed at facilitating transactions for households during this crisis period.

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CNB’s operability ensured

The CNB has ensured a smooth and regular performance of all the key functions of the central bank, as well as of the credit institutions supervised by the CNB.

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Information for consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis affecting public health systems and the measures imposed to prevent the virus from spreading are unprecedented in the modern history and have significant economic consequences for consumers and the economy.

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