Commemorative 10 kuna banknote goes into circulation

Published: 19/5/2004

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the introduction of the kuna as the monetary unit of the Republic of Croatia (30 May 1994 - 30 May 2004), the Croatian National Bank is putting into circulation on 24 May 2004 a commemorative 10 kuna banknote and an issue of regular 1 kuna coins, bearing the date "1994-2004".

The new 10 kuna banknote is identical in appearance to the 10 kuna banknote currently in use (date of issue 7 March 2001), but bears an additional commemorative text on the obverse of the banknote, in the area of the banknote's watermark. The text which is written in a microscript reads: "TENTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE CROATIAN MONEY KUNA AND LIPA 2004", creating a rectangular basis within which, by bold typing certain letters and numbers a visible number 10 effect is obtained. Across this basis, in three lines in iridescent colour, the word "ANNIVERSARY" is printed. The predominant colour of the rectangular basis is orange. The reverse of the banknote bears the date of issue, 30 May 2004.