Commemorative 25 kuna coin

Published: 28/12/1999

On Wednesday, December 29 1999, the Croatian National Bank will put into circulation another commemorative 25 kuna coin. The coin is dedicated to the introduction of the euro as the common currency of eleven West European countries and will be issued to mark this most important event in the recent history of global finance, as well as to emphasize traditional links of Croatia with developments in Europe.

The Croatian National Bank will issue 300 thousand pieces of the new 25 kuna legal tender commemorative coin as the fifth edition in a series of 25 kuna legal tender commemorative coins. The coin is bi-metallic (a distinct central part is minted of an alloy of copper, aluminum and nickel; the outer ring is minted of an alloy of copper and nickel and has a silvery shine). The coin has the form of a twelve sided plain, a diameter of 32 mm and weighs 12.75 g.

On the obverse of the coin appears the letter E with twelve differently stylized stars dispersed over it symbolizing European monetary union. The central part of the reverse carries the mark "25 kuna" and the contour of the pine marten; the outer ring carries the inscription REPUBLIKA HRVATSKA and the Croatian coat of arms decorated with a blossoming laurel branch and a branch of oak-tree with acorns.

The coin has been designed by Mr. Damir Mataušić, an academy-trained sculptor.