Five appointments to bank management boards approved

Published: 1/2/2012

At its session today, the Croatian National Bank Council examined recent economic and monetary developments, as well as the latest financial stability analysis, and was briefed on the condition of the banking system and the preliminary indicators regarding its performance over the last year. Special attention was paid to ascertaining the possibilities offered by synchronised monetary and fiscal policies in softening the impact of the crisis, preserving exchange rate and price stability and setting the necessary preconditions for the start of economic recovery as soon as possible.

The Council endorsed the decisions of the supervisory boards of several banks on new appointments or reappointments to their management boards: in Banka Brod d.d., Slavonski Brod, Mehmet Murat Sabaz is to be appointed as the new President of the Management Board; the term of office of Stipan Pamuković and Janko Hrnjak as President and Member of the Managment Board of Nava banka d.d., Zagreb, respectively, was extended; the term of office of Ante Pekić as President and Zdenko Šošić and Marko Čičin-Šain as members of the Management Board of Primorska banka d.d., Rijeka, was extended; Stanko Kežman is to be appointed as President of Vaba banka d.d., Varaždin, while Emil Mihalina is to be appointed as the new President of the Management Board of Kreditna banka d.d., Zagreb.