From April 1, 10 kuna banknote dated October 31, 1993 no longer used as legal tender money

Published: 27/3/2001

From April 1, 2001 10 kuna banknote dated October 31, 1993 (basic color: violet) will no longer be used as legal tender money. Also, the period during which this banknote was withdrawn from circulation expires at the end of March. After April 1, it will be possible to exchange "violet" 10 kuna banknotes for valid notes in the Treasury Department of the Croatian National Bank, Trg hrvatskih velikana 3, Zagreb, for an unlimited period of time. The banknotes can be sent to the Croatian National Bank by mail or delivered personally.
Ten kuna banknotes dated January 15, 1995 (basic color gray) remain in circulation.
In June, the Croatian National Bank will put into circulation technically improved 10 kuna banknotes. These will retain the basic design of the valid 10 kuna banknote, but will have more sophisticated paper layers and protection elements.