Good cooperation with the Single Resolution Board continues

Published: 9/2/2022

The management of the Single Resolution Board and the Croatian National Bank met on Tuesday, 8 February 2022, for their regular annual meeting that took place in a virtual form. The main topic on the agenda was, similarly as in the year before, the exchange of latest information on the banking system, macroeconomic indicators and resolution-related issues, and the assessment of the possible impact of the events in Croatia’s environment on the Croatian banking system.

The Croatian banking system remains highly capitalised and stable despite the crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus and is embracing new challenges. One of these challenges, which is also a great opportunity for further improvement and development of the banking system, certainly lies in Croatia’s joining the euro area, which will contribute to its further integration with the European Economic Area. Active participation of Croatian National Bank representatives in the management structure of the Single Resolution Board provides a further incentive towards completing the project of the Banking Union composed of all euro area member states. The meeting closed with the conclusion that continuous efforts are made in cooperation with the Single Resolution Board to promote the resolution framework and ensure the conditions for a timely and effective process of implementation of resolution powers.