I have difficulties in loan repayment due to the coronavirus pandemic, whom should I contact?

Published: 17/4/2020
A credit institution must respond to your complaint within 15 days

The Croatian National Bank has enabled all credit institutions to offer a favourable treatment of loan payment deferral to consumers facing financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers that have up to now settled their financial obligations on time and persons employed at entrepreneurs whose operations have been threatened by the coronavirus pandemic may apply for a loan payment deferral, i.e. a moratorium, for a certain period.

If you face difficulties in loan repayment due to the pandemic, you should contact your credit institution, which is obliged to provide you with all necessary explanations and instructions regarding your obligations. In case you are not satisfied with the credit institution’s response, you may exercise your right of submitting a written complaint to the institution. If the credit institution fails to respond to your complaint within 15 days of receipt of a valid complaint or if the credit institution assesses that your complaint is not grounded, i.e. if you fail to resolve the situation in question and you continue to have doubts regarding the legality and regularity of credit institution’s actions, you may forward a notification of your complaint to the Croatian National Bank.