IMF Mission begins visit to Croatia

Published: 20/2/2014

Holding introductory talks at the Ministry of Finance and at the Croatian National Bank, an International Monetary Fund Mission, headed by Mr Johannes Wiegand, today started a twelve-day visit to Croatia aimed at conducting a regular annual consultation round with member countries as required by Article IV of the IMF's Articles of Agreement.

The goal of the visit is for the Mission to take a closer look at current economic, financial and social conditions in Croatia, assessments of future developments, public finance consolidation, structural reform progress and banking system condition.

Talks are also planned to be held at other ministries and several major government institutions directly competent for the key issues of economic development, social policy, reforms, and investment and employment promotion. The IMF Mission will also meet with the representatives of trade unions, employers, several largest banks, the Institute of Economics and the Institute of Public Finance, the representatives of international financial institutions in Croatia and others.