IMF Mission in Croatia

Published: 22/10/2002

An advance Mission of the International Monetary Fund begun its stay in Zagreb on Monday, October 21, with meetings at the Ministry of Finance on the government budget and key budget expenditures in 2002 and 2003 and at the Croatian National Bank on the macroeconomic framework and monetary projection for the fourth quarter of this year. The Mission is to stay in Croatia until November 6, 2002.

According to the Mission's schedule, in addition to the central bank and the Ministry of Finance, where most discussions are to be held, the Mission will meet with officials of the Croatian Government and Croatian Parliament, as well as with officials of the Ministry of the Economy, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Health and Ministry of European Integration. In addition, the Mission will meet with representatives of the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance and Croatian Privatization Fund, Croatian Roads and Croatian Highways, Croatian Chamber of Commerce, State Agency for Deposit Insurance and Bank Rehabilitation, as well as with representatives of a number of large Croatian banks, shipbuilding industry, Institute of Economics and Institute for Public Finances.