IMF Mission on visit to Croatia

Published: 24/5/1999

A Mission of the International Monetary Fund, headed by Mr. Hans Flickenschild, started its two-week visit to Croatia with a meeting at the Croatian National Bank.

In the introductory meeting with Dr. Marko Skreb, Governor of the Croatian National Bank, and other senior officials of the Croatian National Bank, Mr. Flickenschild emphasized that the discussions with Croatian government officials will focus primarily on fiscal policy and fiscal adjustments, taking into consideration central government budget and extrabudgetary funds, as well as the restructuring and the privatization of public facilities and state-owned banks.

In light of the aforementioned, main topics of the meeting held in the central bank were efforts made to consolidate effectively the Croatian banking system and the consequences of these efforts for the government budget, as well as further steps to be taken in that area and their possible effects, from the standpoint of inevitable short-term costs and possible long-term benefits.