IMF Mission on visit to Croatia

Published: 26/10/2000

A Mission of the International Monetary Fund, headed by Mr. Hans Flickenschild, arrived in Zagreb where it will engage in negotiations about a new financial arrangement with Croatia.

According to the schedule of the two-week visit, the Mission will hold an introductory meeting with Croatian National Bank officials and then with the Ministry of Finance officials on Friday, October 27. Afterwards, the Mission will meet with representatives of the Croatian Government, relevant Croatian Parliament committees, Ministry of Economy and State Agency for Deposit Insurance and Bank Rehabilitation. In addition, members of the IMF Mission will have meetings in the Health and Pension Fund, Ministry of Social Affairs, more significant commercial banks, as well as with representatives of other institutions that can provide them with a more complete picture on current and expected economic and social developments in Croatia. At the end of the visit, the IMF Mission is to meet with the President of the Republic of Croatia.