Marking the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union

Published: 1/7/2013

The first day of Croatian membership in the European Union and a welcome to the 28th member state was marked in a special way at the Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt. The Governor of the Croatian National Bank Dr. Boris Vujčić had the honor to, together with the President of the Zagreb Stock Exchange Ivana Gažić and Consul General of the Republic of Croatia Josip Špoljarić, symbolically mark the start of trading at the German stock exchange.

Governor Vujčić gave a speech to the representatives of the German capital market, banks and public media, as well as to Croatian businessmen operating in Germany, on current circumstances and prospects of the Croatian economy and financial system, and Ivana Gažić presented the activities of the Zagreb Stock Exchange.

The marking of our accession to the EU in Frankfurt, which was partly organized by the Croatian Economic Association, shall continue in the afternoon with a formal reception at the City Hall where the mayor of Frankfurt, the Governor of the CNB and a representative of the European Central Bank shall address the audience.