New 200 kuna banknote to be put in circulation

Published: 9/8/2002

On August 12, 2002 the Croatian National Bank will put into circulation a new 200 kuna banknote, issue March 7, 2002.

The new 200 kuna banknotes have the same basic design and the same basic color as the existing series of 200 kuna banknotes issued on October 31, 1993, which will remain in circulation as legal tender.

However, the new banknotes will be printed on an improved cotton base and will be supplied with additional security features (metallized holographic strip) to enable a quick and reliable genuineness testing and to prevent successful counterfeiting. The improved paper quality will provide an increased resistance to crumpling and folding, i.e. to wear and tear.

The intaglio printing provides for enhanced tactility of motifs on the banknote (portrait, inscriptions, recognition elements for the blind and denomination).

In addition, the new 200 kuna banknote will no longer bear the inscription "Narodna banka Hrvatske" but "Hrvatska narodna banka" (the current central bank's name), as well as the facsimile signature of the current CNB Governor Dr. Željko Rohatinski.