New 25 kuna legal tender commemorative coin

Published: 22/11/2000

On November 27 2000, the Croatian National Bank will put into circulation the sixth issue of the 25 kuna legal tender commemorative coin to mark the jubilee of the year 2000.

The central part of the obverse of the coin shows the image of a fetus - a universal symbol of human life as the center of the ending millenium and of the beginning new millenium. This is additionally symbolized by a range of sun rays within the outer ring. The reverse of the coin bears features of the previous five issues of the 25 kuna legal tender commemorative: the image of the marten and the mark of coin's nominal value.

The designer of the new 25 legal tender commemorative shaped as dodecagon and minted in two different metals, is Mr. Damir Mataušić, an academy-trained sculptor.