Start of the 20th Dubrovnik Economic Conference

Published: 12/6/2014

The official program of the 20th Dubrovnik economic conference started today at the Argentina hotel in Dubrovnik and the participants are several tens of prominent economists from international financial institutions (International Monetary Fund, Bank for International Settlements, European Commission, European Central Bank), a few national central banks (central banks of USA, Germany, Slovenia, Macedonia, Romania), scientists from a number of prominent European and American universities, as well as economists from major commercial banks and other financial institutions.

As the governor of the CNB mentioned in his opening speech, the Dubrovnik economic conference is a traditional meeting organised by the Croatian National Bank which started two decades ago, in war circumstances, with the objective to affirm Croatia and to exchange experiences and ideas which were to help our country and other countries in transition to create their market economies with more success.

This year's anniversary meeting provides an opportunity to see the status of that process today, whether it is actually finalised (as could be concluded from the topics at the Dubrovnik economic conferences in recent years), or do some inadequate solutions and their consequences deserve the attention of economists even today.