Supervisors and bankers meet at the CNB

Published: 23/2/2015

The Croatian National Bank today hosted a regular annual meeting of the representatives of the Croatian, Austrian and Italian banking supervisory authorities and European Central Bank supervisors with the representatives of the largest domestic banks and their foreign parent banking groups. Also participating at the meeting were the representatives of the European Commission, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the World Bank and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia.

The participants discussed the financial stability analysis and economic outlook for Croatia for 2015 and the following years, with a key focus on non-performing loans. The issues discussed included the regulatory framework, risks from non-performing loans and the possibilities and strategies for their resolution. Croatian experience in this respect was compared with that of other countries.

At the meeting it was decided to set up an activity plan and analyse the obstacles for the resolution of accumulated non-performing loans, as well as to seek support from the relevant institutions of the Republic of Croatia for the implementation of the plan.