Privatization, Foreign Bank Entry and Bank Efficiency in Croatia: A Fourier-Flexible Function Stochastic Cost Frontier Analysis

Published: 20/7/2004
Publication Working Papers
Issue W - 9
Authors Evan Kraft, Richard Hofler and James Payne
Date November 2002
JEL G21, C4
ISSN 1334-0131


envelopment analysis, efficiency frontier, operating approach, intermediation approach

Using bank balance sheet data for 1994-2000, this paper estimates a Fourier-flexible frontier cost function. Specification tests indicate that the stochastic frontier model with a Fourier-flexible form with a truncated normal distribution of the inefficiency term allowing for time varying technical efficiency is preferred. The results show that new private and privatized banks, contrary to some expectations, are not the most efficient banks through most of the period. Privatization also does not seem to have an immediate effect on improved efficiency. However, better cost efficiency is associated with a lower likelihood of failure, suggesting that better risk management and better cost management are signs of better management in general. Finally, foreign banks have substantially better efficiency scores than all categories of domestic banks.