What is the difference between electronic payments and remote electronic payments?

Published: 5/11/2018
Find out more about these increasingly more frequent means of payment

Electronic payment transaction means a payment transaction initiated and executed by means of an electronic platform or device (e.g. the Internet, mobile applications, POS devices, etc.). Electronic payment transaction means any card payment, credit transfer, mobile payment, etc. initiated and executed by means of an electronic platform or device. A remote payment transaction means an electronic payment transaction that is executed through the Internet or via a remote communication device. Due to increased risk of fraud associated with initiation of remote payment transactions, additional safety requirements have been prescribed for such transactions (reliable client authentication including the so-called dynamic elements, i.e. elements linking the transaction to an amount and the payee identified by the payer at the time of transaction initiation). Electronic payment transactions initiated through the Internet (credit transfer via Internet banking, payment card payments through the Internet) or by means of a device which may be used for remote payments (mobile payments where an Internet browser is used) are called remote payment transactions.

Electronic payment transactions initiated by means of a POS device or mobile phone using Near Field Communication (NFC) are not remote payment transactions.