5 lipa - Olympic Games - Atlanta 1996

Published: 5/6/1996

Released into circulation: 1 July 1996

Metal composition: steel core covered with bronze

Diameter: 18 mm

Weight: 2.5 g

Motif on the obverse: the centre of the coin features the denomination numeral and currency name "5 LIPA" against the background showing a stylised blooming linden branch. The inscription "REPUBLIKA HRVATSKA" is displayed circularly along the edge of the coin. Positioned centrally along the lower edge is the coat of arms of the Republic of Croatia.

Motif on the reverse: the centre of the coin features the Croatian Olympic Committee logo, consisting of the five Olympic rings, with six relief, matte squares and three flat, shiny squares, arranged in three lines below the rings. An image of the pot with the stylised Olympic flame is featured above the Croatian Olympic Committee logo. The inscription ATLANTA" is displayed below the logo along the step-like edge of the squares. The inscription "OLIMPIJSKE IGRE" is laid out circularly along the edge of the coin. The year "1996" is inscribed centrally in the lower semi-circle next to the edge of the coin.

Occasion commemorated: the Olympic Games - Atlanta 1996

Items issued: 900,000