Press releases

CNB releases educational videos on security features of kuna banknotes

Date 1/7/2019

Exhibition “Contemporary art from Croatia” opens in the European Central Bank

Date 26/6/2019

25th Dubrovnik Conference opens

Date 15/6/2019

CNB Council session: CNB adopts its Annual Report for 2018

Date 12/6/2019

25th anniversary of the introduction of the kuna in Croatia

Date 30/5/2019

Republic of Croatia submitted a request for the establishment of a close cooperation between the Croatian National Bank and the European Central Bank

Date 27/5/2019

CNB Council session: CNB issues a new 25 kuna coin

Date 7/5/2019

CNB Council: New monetary projection adopted

Date 10/4/2019

CNB Council: Annual inflation rate down from 0.8% in December to 0.2% in January

Date 6/3/2019

CNB has taken measures to mitigate risk in the granting of general-purpose cash loans

Date 28/2/2019

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