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GDP growth to decelerate to 1.4%, inflation to drop to 7.5%

Date 19/12/2022

The CNB adopted a decision on the increase of the countercyclical buffer rate from the currently announced 0.5% to 1%, to be applied as of 31 December 2023.

Date 19/12/2022

CNB Council: Household and corporate credit continue to grow

Date 7/12/2022

"Hum and the Višnjan Observatory" – new numismatic set

Date 5/12/2022

Representatives of the Single Resolution Board visit the Croatian National Bank

Date 14/11/2022

CNB Council: Economic growth slows down

Date 10/11/2022

CNB Council: Approval of the proposed appointments for credit institutions' management board members

Date 28/9/2022

0800 2023 – CNB activates a toll free information number for queries about the euro changeover

Date 22/9/2022

CNB Council: Strong growth in corporate loans continues

Date 14/9/2022

CNB issues a new 25 kuna coin “Pelješac Bridge, 2022”

Date 21/7/2022

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