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CNB Council
Short-term loans may be used only by pledging short-term securities

Date 3/12/2008

CNB refuses banks' offers

Date 26/11/2008

IMF guests visiting Croatia

Date 25/11/2008

CNB Council
Banks' reserve requirement reduced from 17 to 14 percent

Date 20/11/2008

CNB Council
CNB refuses applications for six more savings banks

Date 12/11/2008

CNB refuses banks' offers

Date 29/10/2008

CNB sells 270.6 million euros

Date 27/10/2008

CNB Council
CNB Council refuses application for one more savings bank

Date 15/10/2008

CNB Council
Marginal reserve requirement abolished

Date 10/10/2008

CNB Council
Vault cash excluded from reserve requirements

Date 25/9/2008

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