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CNB Council:
Lower reserve requirement – higher investment in CNB bills

Date 8/11/2000

Introductory meeting with the IMF Mission

Date 27/10/2000

IMF Mission on visit to Croatia

Date 26/10/2000

Accusations without foundation

Date 24/10/2000

World Bank Mission visits Croatian National Bank

Date 18/10/2000

CNB Council:
CNB Council adopts monetary policy projection for the last quarter of 2000

Date 11/10/2000

CNB's responsibilities: price stability, liquidity and solvency of the banking system as a whole

Date 10/10/2000

Goal of central bank policy of utmost importance

Date 3/10/2000

CNB Council:
Despite abundant liquidity and lower interest rates, no increased lending to the enterprise sector

Date 6/9/2000

CNB Council:
Central bank gives approval to Zagrebačka banka for acquiring 20 percent of voting shares in Varaždinska banka

Date 26/7/2000

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