Where is the NRR published

Published: 29/5/2020

The CNB quarterly publishes the new computed NRR on its website in the section National reference rate and the history of published data in the file National reference rate (NRR). The CNB’s Release calendar shows data releases planned.

In the file National reference rate (NRR), the CNB publishes aggregated quarterly indicators of banks’ funding expenses ("EXPENSES" sheet) and monthly indicators of funding to which these expenses refer ("FUNDING" sheet) as well as the NRR computed for the observed periods of 3, 6 and 12 months ("3M NRR", "6M NRR" and "12M NRR" sheets). The explanations of any additional adjustments of data included in the computation of aggregated indicators for a certain period, made in order to include all data relevant for the NRR computation and exclude any unreliable data or data that could distort the computation, are published separately.

Data on interest expenses and the main funding of banks and savings banks used for the NRR computation that refer to the period prior to the first quarter of 2020 are also published on the CNB’s website in the file Table SP5: Costs of banks’ funding. Based on these data, the NRR was until the fourth quarter of 2019 computed and published by the Croatian Banking Association.

Pursuant to the Credit Institutions Act, the CNB computes and publishes these NRR data starting with data for the first quarter of 2020: